Mission & Vision


Empowering off-grid population through appropriate technologies
Solaric values the social impact of delivering electricity to people who have limited or no access to it. Solaric identifies, though there is a large market potential, currently there is little technology involved to reach to them. This is both a challenge, mission, obligation, and a business opportunity especially for local R&D based companies.


SOLARIC aims for complete Rural electrification of all the off-grid regions of Bangladesh through multiple product packages which offers to meet the need of the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) segment of the population while also offering access to energy to both the affluent and small scale company load such as market places, irrigation etc. Through the growing adoption of our technology in these rural areas, SOLARIC sees a future where off-grid rural areas are no longer plagued by inadequate, expensive, or the lack of electricity, therefore, enabling them to progress and create an overall satisfying and improved quality of life in Bangladesh and abroad.

a. To be one of the leading Technology Driven Manufacturers and Turn-key Solution Provider of Solar Energy along with the Energy saving appliances.
b. Providing Green energy to the people at significantly reduced cost through the use of technology and making it commercially viable.
c. Providing solar energy to rural areas at significantly lower cost thus meeting the basic needs of the common people and contributing in uplifting their living standard.
d. Significantly reducing the power consumption and helping the governments in power management.
e. Exploring the enormous potentials of solar energy, exporting the products to foreign markets and contributing creating a pollution free environment.