Boost renewable energy targets to grow green jobs

Posted on: July 13th, 2015

SOLARIC makes the news again. Dhaka Tribune reports that Bangladesh has made much positive progress in developing solar home power systems. The article praises SOLARIC, a local renewable energy company, is now sending 1,000 3G solar home systems to Tanzania every month. It is also producing SHS converters and solar systems for customers in India and Nepal.

Solar home systems and cheap local grids are helping to meet the demand for the lack of power in off grid areas. As well as, the cost effectiveness of solar and ease of use are persuading more and more people to embrace the green energy solutions.

Over 114,000 people are already working in the solar industry in Bangladesh. While most of this is driven domestically, rising global demand for cleaner energy means there is huge potential to create new export jobs as well. SOLARIC also agrees with the content and will keep on growing and create more and more green jobs.