M-Solar Tutorials

M-Solar is a complete Plug & Play, portable, easy2install, utility level (120V DC) Solar Home System that revolutionize the portable solar product experience by combining the benefits of standard grid level voltage, latest storage technology (LiFePO4), life-long driver-less LED lamp, PAYG without SIM-card and the cloud based management and monitoring software. All comes in one single package which is portable and easy to install without any technician. All the components of M-Solar are designed for 20 years life time.
Finally time to Relax as you can now charge your smartphones, tabs and notebooks in the off-grid areas from Solar and enjoy the life-long durable LED lamps.
Key Attributes:

  • Standard Utility level voltage (120V DC)
  • Latest Battery technology (LiFePO4)
  • Sim card free PAYG system
  • 50,000 hours driver-less LED lamp
  • Remote controller based light dimming, ON/OFF
  • Cloud based monitoring and management


Key Benefits:

  • All the benefits of Inverter without the loss and cost of inverter
  • Any off-the-shelf low power AC appliance
  • Charging unlimited Smartphones/tabs anywhere in the house
  • Flexible payment using any Mobile money operator
  • 24/7 customer service with hotline



M-Solar (Part1): Unpacking the M-Optimizer

M-Solar (Part 3) Easy Installation

M-Solar (Part 2) Activate