3rd Generation Solar Home System (3G-SHS)

main3rd Generation Solar home System (3G-SHS) is the only commercially available high voltage (125 volt) DC based Solar Home System (SHS) in the world. The patented technology enables the consumer to use standard appliances such as Laptop, Fan, color TV, standard LED lighting etc. For the first time in the off-grid areas using single PV and Battery (a system known as SHS). The net result is lower system cost, use of standard appliances and maintenance-free operation, making it commercially viable and mitigating the need for subsidy or any grant for the solar system to be disseminated in the off-grid areas.

3G-SHS is a ground breaking invention with the key functional components as:

1. DC/DC Converter (12V to 125V)
2. PWM Solar Charge Controller
3. Driver-less LED lamp

Advantages of 3G-SHS over Conventional SHS (1G or 2G)

2. Load Cable: The optimizer replaces the thick wire in conventional SHS with low cost thin wire reducing the system cost.
3. Distance: Due to the optimizer the load can be used practically at any distance in the house. Conventional solar home system is limited to only 25 feet.
4. Inventory: Charge Controller & LED driver in a same casing simplifies inventory, maintenance and handling.
5. Overload Protection: The device has overload protection mechanism to save the battery from abusive over use.
6. Wiring: Standard wiring and the ability to use thin regular wire reduces the wiring cost dramatically compared to conventional SHS system.
7. Standard Charging: Mobile can be charged directly from the high voltage using the standard charger that comes with the mobile set which elongates the battery life of the mobile.
8. Standard AC Appliances: Appliances with standard AC current can be run with high voltage DC (125V DC) with the exception of motors or coils such as AC fan, water pump etc.
9. Driver-less LED lamp saves energy as much as 20% and increases the usable life by 10X