Nano Grid

The concept of Nano-grid is based on the idea of SHS in which the basic electricity needs of the households (consumptive load) are met, but at the same time it proposes the incorporation of some small scale agricultural or commercial applications (like irrigation).

This takes advantage of the fact that houses are frequently clustered together in rural areas in groups of 40-50 houses within a diameter of less than 500m. In the Nano-grid system, a basic 1.5 to 3 kWp PV system is installed in a small cluster of households within a short radius of each other (ideally 230-250m) and power is distributed to the households from this system. The generation and storage of this system is 48 Volt DC. System has a DC to DC converter and its output is 220 Volt DC. This system has an option of DC (220V) to AC (220V) conversion. The payment method for the consumer is pay per unit energy (ex. Pre-paid meter).

Features of Nano Grid

1. Scalable at all levels (DC, High Voltage)
2. Starting load could be small to reduce the cost of installation and then scale up as the load grows
3. Unlike AC grid, Scaling up the generation is simple (just adding in parallel). No synchronization required
4. Any standard load can be used
5. No maintenance is necessary by the end customer
6. Pre-paid meter makes collection significantly easy
7. Supports irrigation pumps for farming.