Smart Solar


Current owners (fully paid-up) of traditional solar home systems (1G) are enjoying the benefits of “Smart Solar” by upgrading the system with the addition of Optimizer and driver-less LED lamp with their existing PV and Battery. More than 1 million paid-up users of 1G-SHS are potential clients of Smart Solar Upgrade who can use the SHS in the same way as if they have electricity in their homes.

3G upgradation


  • Replace of charge controller with Solar Optimizer, that works as DC-DC converter+ Charge controller+ LED Driver
  • Replace of conventional lamp by Energy Efficient LED Lamp
  • Warranty for 3 years
  • Option for using Energy Efficient full size stand fan
  • Enables users to power appliances such as, color TV (LED), CD player & Laptop
  • Double back up by using dimming option
  • Maintenance & hassle free operation
  • Battery overload protection

User Benefits:

  • Double backup using same PV and Battery
  • More standard appliances such as fan or TV
  • Battery protection from overload
  • Dimming option for the lamp for 8 hour backup