Pioneering Rooftop Solar Projects

Solaric is a group of renewable energy development companies with its parent company in Singapore and subsidiary in Bangladesh to implement large-scale industrial rooftop solar projects based on both CapEx and OpEx models. Founded by the Silicon valley (USA) repatriated Technologist and managed by a group of veteran BUET and IBA graduates, Solaric is uniquely poised to offer the best engineering solution. Solaric is the only solar company in Bangladesh with private equity investor (OSIRIS) whcich helps the company to grow exponentially by offering industrial rooftop solution to factory owners with appropriate financial solution.Click to Speak

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Solar modules

The Team

→ Management

Didar Islam

Managing Director & CEO

Didar Islam, an Electrical Engineer, Technologist, Scientist, Inventor and a serial Entrepreneur with 15 years of Silicon Valley experience, invented world’s only all CMOS single chip radio known as QWIKRADIO, with 13 US patents. Didar founded SOLARIC in early 2009, an R&D driven technology company in Bangladesh focusing on developing appropriate technologies for both on-grid and off-grid Solar applications and have been awarded 4 patents in Bangladesh.

Didar Islam is a renowned power sector specialist having experiences working in several countries including USA, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Singapore. He has completed his graduation in EEE from BUET, Bangladesh, served as Faculty member at BUET and completed post-graduation from UF (Florida). His fields of expertise include Semiconductor-Analog IC design and Renewable Energy. He is a member of IEEE, PMI, IEB and BSREA.

→ Engineering

Quazi Ahammad Hasan Tanvir

Design Manager

Quazi Ahammad Hasan Tanvir (Tushar), an engineer with 11 years experience in the Solar Industry. He has 5-year experience in VLSI Design Using EDA tools in Power-ic Ltd, 11-year experience in Solar Field in SOLARIC Ltd. He has wide experience in PCB Layout, Circuit design, Project design, planning and operation of Solar rooftop system.He was instrumental in the development of 3G solar home system of Solaric. Tushar completed his Bachelors in Computer science and Engineering.


Zero Export Controller (ZEC)

A universal controller developed by Solaric that works with any brand or model of string inverters in the market and maintains a seamless operation between multiple power sources such as grid, generator and solar.

Flash Technology

Unique mounting structure which is 100% water-proof and allows the solar modules to be installed on the metallic roof directly without any elaborate rails or additional structure cutting the cost of mounting system by 67% while insuring full water-proof installation for 20 years.

Delta System

One of the first rooftop solar systems in Bangladesh (installed at the Bangladesh Bank) was designed and developed by Solaric based on its unique delta-controller which can switch in and out the appropriate number of channels so that rooftop solar system can operate without a battery or grid-tied inverters. Click to Speak


World’s largest System

Installation of World’s largest Industrial Rooftop Solar System- 40MW in Korean EPZ, Chittagong.


Registered in Singapore

Registered in Singapore as Solaric PLE LTD. in 2015


Commercial Operation

Solaric began it's commercial operations around the country.


Tech Development

Solaric started developing it's technology and systems.


Journey Started

Registered in Bangladesh as Solar Intercontinental (SOLARIC) Ltd.