How to Deal with the Disadvantages of the Solar System?


Published at - October 22, 2021

5 min read

As we described in our previous article, the solar system has several cons. By stating the disadvantages of switching to solar, we wish not to discourage it. Rather, we would like to encourage converting from fossil fuel to solar. But to be well prepared for the conversion, we should face the problems we might face and know how to deal with the problems. In this article we are going to do just that. We are going to offer you some tips to tackle the difficulties that you are going to face while going solar.

How to deal with geographical difficulties?

Consider the geographical location of the solar panels carefully. Is it a location unsuitable for solar panels? If it is, carefully analyze what the problems are?

If your house, where you want to install the solar system, is isolated and has less exposure to the sunlight- a good option is to install the solar elsewhere, where your panels will receive sufficient sunlight. If the roof of the house is not enough, install your panels on the field or on the unused space of your lawn. In this case, make sure you have an effective delivery system.


You can get more creative with the placement of the panels. These days, there is a wide-spread use of solar panels as a parking shed or passengers waiting shed. It can serve multiple purpose. If you have a roof unsuitable for solar due geographical position, look for a more creative option and place the panels in a more suitable spot.

How to deal with the Weather Problem?

It's difficult to overcome the problems that are created by the weather, as we have no control over it. We can't control the amount of rainfall, we can't stop heavy snow and we definitely can't determine the exposure to sunlight.

However, we can adjust the panels in such a way that it can receive the most sunlight at the peak hours of the day.

Also, we can install additional protection to protect the panels. For example, we can use additional drainage systems to prevent waterlogging. In addition to that, we must install the panel in such a place where the panels will be protected from storm. To prevent waterlogging, getting dirty and covered by snow- maintenance and monitoring is really important.

How to deal with technical difficulties?

Most of us who are installing or planning to install a solar system as a source of power aren't engineers. Therefore, we are unable to solve technical problems. Fortunately, there are a lot of renowned solar providers in our country. Solaric, however, provides solar for industrial sites. But there are a lot of corporations who are reliable for providing solar for your household. Firstly, you need to buy the quality solar cell from a reliable corporation or salesman. Then, you need to find a reliable provider who will install the solar for you. Before you let go of the provider, ask him/her how to maintain the solar panels and the dos and donts of it. Keep contact with the provider and if the panel is not working as desired, call on the provider to solve the problem.

Apart of that, keep up with the monitoring and maintainance. That will solve half the problem.

How to deal with the efficiency problem?

As we declared in the last article, solar panels are not as efficient as fossil fuel. The latest solar technology is less than 23% in efficiency. Fortunately, scientists and researchers are constantly working to innovate new technologies of solar cell that will increase its efficiency. In near future, solar energy will be as efficient as fossil fuel, or maybe even more. But for now, its advisable to use solar as a support system or as a primary power source with external support. There can be three ways to do this,

One, solar can be used as a supporting source of energy to save electricity bill. In this case, electricity from the national grid is used as the primary source of power. Solar system is used only to save additional cost. It this case we often use solar embedded technologies like solar fan or light. Moreover, we use less expensive and less efficient solar panels to gain additional energy.

Two, solar can be used as the primary souce with the support of the national grid. In this case, national grid can deliver additional energy when solar system is temporarily unavailable or not providing enough energy to run a households. This may be the best possible option to overcome the efficiency problem.

Three, if your household is small and you are able to meet your demand with solar energy, you may use solar as your only source of energy. In this case, using an additional battery is advisable. With the battery, you may store energy when the solar energy is sufficient and use the stored energy when solar energy is less available. However, if your house is big and you need more power to run the household or if it is a industry you are running- you better choose the aforementioned options.

These are the way how you can overcome the difficulties faced going solar. Let not any disadvantage halt your decision. Go Solar!